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  • Credit Reports

You can credit check yourself using the three main credit reference agencies. These are:

These companies will provide you with your current credit report. It is probably best to wait a couple of months following the completion of your IVA to ensure that your creditors have updated their own internal records as well as external records as this can take some time. Your credit report can be obtained online or by post for as little as £2.00.

You should check that the latest date of any default registered is no later than the date of the approval of your IVA. If you notice any defaults incorrectly dated you can use our template letter included with this information leaflet to notify the Data Controller of that creditor of the incorrect information registered.

You can find details of the Data Controller by clicking on or visiting the following website link:

Please note that your IVA will show on your credit file for six years from the date it was approved, even if you have completed your IVA early.

In order to establish if a lender would consider your application, you’ll need to know what they are looking at. Every lender is different in who they use to reference an application – some use Call credit, some Experian, some Equifax. As the agencies don’t always share their info they are often different, and it can be that you are declined because of something on a report you don’t know about. Sign up for your free trials here…